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Final response

The ECU sends the final response after the timeframe of the response on event mechanism has expired.

Final result

That is the final result of a job that is transmitted to the calling diagnostic application. The final result contains a result structure with the output parameters of the job.


Flash is a category of the ODX 2.0.1 and ODX 2.x standards.

Flash data

Fash data is an ODX description of a data set that can be programmed in the ECU.


Forwarding is relaying of messages from one node in the network to the next one.


A frame is a data package on the layer 2 of the OSI model.

Frame padding

Frame padding is padding of a CAN data field to an 8-byte data.

Functional unit

A functional unit is a set of functionally close or complementary diagnostic services. It or­ ders criteria for diagnostic services in KWP 2000 and UDS standards.

Functional-Group layer

The Functional-Group layer is a Diag-Layer of an ODX database of the type Functional­ Group, and should not be confused with the functional unit that groups diagnostic services according to their functions.


Function-Dictionary is a new category of the ODX 2.x standard.

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