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Eclipse is freeware that is provided by the Eclipse foundation ( It contains a development and debugging environment for Java applications.

ECU-Base-Variant layer

The ECU-Base-Variant layer is a Diag-Layer of an ODX database of the type ECU-Base­ Variant.


ECU-Config is a newly defined category of ODX 2.x.

ECU-Shared-Data layer

The ECU-Shared-Data layer is a Diag-Layer of an ODX database of the type ECU-Shared­ Data.

ECU-Variant layer

The ECU-Variant layer is a Diag-Layer of an ODX database of the type ECU-Variant.


EDIABAS is short for Electronic Diagnostic Base System. EDIABAS is a proprietary run­ time system for diagnostic communication with ECUs. The database format is EDF.


EDIC is VCI hardware and short for Electronic Diagnostic Interface Computer. EDIC is a registered trademark by Softing.


Encoding determines how a base-data-type is encapsulated.


The E-tester is a tool set for the development and test of ECUs. The database format is CBF.


The event is part of the definition of the service $86 (responseOnEvent) and triggers the ECU to execute the event service.

Event driven response

The event driven response is triggered by the event and sent by the ECU that is requested to perform the service $86 (responseOnEvent).

Event logic

The event logic consists of the event service and further data parameters that together describe the process and the parameterization of the response on event mechanism.

Event service

In the UDS standard, the event service is called "service to respond to." The event service is virtually processed by the ECU during the respond on event process. The results of this service are sent to the tester.

Event window timer

The event window timer is the timeframe in which the event logic of a response on event mechanism is active.

Execute method

The execute method is the core of an ASAM Java job and specifies the processing of a job. The execute method is processed by the job processor of the D-server.

Extended Data Object Property

The extended Data Object Property is an object of the class simple Data Object Property, which is enhanced compared to the simple Data Object Properties. A DTC-DOP is an ex­ tended Data Object Property.

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