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TDMA is short for Time Division Multiple Access, a method of bus access for time triggered systems.


This is a diagnostic message that is periodically sent by the tester to inform the ECUs that the tester is present and will send request messages. In order to decrease the bus load, a response is usually not required.

TP 1.6 - TP 2.0

This is short for transport protocol. TP 1.6 and TP 2.0 are proprietary transport protocols.


Trailer is data that is appended to the data field of a message.


Transceiver is short for Transmitter + Receiver. It is usually an integrated circuit for the connection of the data link layer and the physical layer of the in-vehicle network.

Transmission mode

Data parameter of the service $22 (readDataByPeriodicIdentifier). It determines if and how fast periodical data are to be transferred.


TTP is short for Time Triggered Protocol. TTP is used as basic principle for the time-triggered part of the FlexRay protocol.

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