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Late bound mechanism

This mechanism determines the ODX files at runtime. For further information, see ODX specification ISO 22901-1.

Latency time

There are different definitions for latency times (e.g. functional latency that measures how long it takes to cause a specific action). In the context of data communication via an inĀ­ vehicle network, latency time is defined as the time frame between the desire of a sender to transmit a message and the beginning of the transmission. On CAN, the latency time is influenced by the bus load and the priority of the message.


A Layer is a layer of the OSI model or a Diag-Layer of the ODX data model.

Local interface link

A local interface link is a communication channel provided by a VCI hardware.

Logical link

This is the link between a location of an ODX database and the related ECU or a group of ECUs.

Logical link table

This is a list of all logical links of an MCD project. An MCD project is required for the D-server.


A long-name is an optional name for describing ODX elements. A long-name can contain up to 255 characters. The allowed character set of a long-name is larger than the allowed character set of the short-name.

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