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VAN is short for Vehicle Area Network as specified in ISO 11519: Road Vehicles - Low speed serial data communication - Part 3: Vehicle Area Network (VAN).


Variant is short for the ECU-Variant layer of an ODX database.

Variant coding

Variant coding is programming ECUs to meet vehicle variants, such as left-hand drive or right-hand drive. Some states/countries require the automatic activation of the headlights while driving, what results in another vehicle variant. Variant coding includes the enabling and disabling of software-driven functions.

VCI - VCI Hardware

VCI is short for Vehicle Communication Interface (see also interface). Typical examples include EDIC and DCDI.

Vehicle connector

Connector to the communication channels of the vehicle.


This is a category of ODX 2.0.1 and ODX 2.x.


Venice is short for Vehicle Communication Database Editor. Venice is an authoring system by Softing and provides the import and export, the ODX database authoring, and verification of data.

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