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A record is an assembly of several diagnostic data, such as environmental conditions for error memory entries and data sets with several measured values.


A repeater splits a bus into two independent segments and transmits an electrical signal from one bus segment to the other. In this process the signal is refreshed. The bus is not split logically.


A request is the diagnostic message of the type request that is transmitted to a vehicle or an ECU. The ODX element request describes a diagnostic message sent by the tester.


A response is the diagnostic message of the type response that is transmitted from a vehicle or ECU to the tester after processing a request. The ODX element response describes a positive diagnostic message from the ECU to the tester. Also, it is part of a LIN frame.

Response handling

The response handling defines an ECU internal process, such as the mechanism to suppress positive responses (see Suppress positive response bit).

Result structure

Result structure is the data structure at the D-server API that contains communication primitive results.

Routine identifier

The routine identifier provides the selection of an ECU internal routine parameter of the service $31 (routineControl).


Routing is the process of selecting paths between two nodes in a network.

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