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MAC (-address)

MAC is short for Media Access Control. The 6-byte MAC address is a clear-cut identifier attached to network adapters such as network interface cards.


Initiator of the communication in a master/slave network, the master requests a service that is provided by the slave.


Master/slave principle is a technology that is used for diagnostic communication. The tester performs the function of the master that requests a service which is provided by the ECU (slave).


MIL is short for Malfunction Indication Lamp. The MIL is part of the OBD system and indicates to the driver that there is an error in the emissions-related system.

Mixed fixed notation

This notation principle is used to create a name that consists of concatenated words. Every item within a name that is written in mixed fixed notation starts with a capital letter (except the first one). Examples are startDiagnosticCommunication, readECUIdentification, or startEngine.


Monaco is part of the Diagnostic Tool Set by Softing. It is a configurable diagnostic application on the D-server API.

Motorola byte order

The Motorola byte order is also called high/low byte order or Big Endian (see byte order).


MSL is short for Monaco Sequence Language. MSL is part of the diagnostic tool set DTS by Softing. MSL supports the automation of a diagnostic process.


In contrast to broadcast, where all ECUs in a network are addressed, a selected group of ECUs is addressed in a multi-cast. A group list, address mask, or a functional diagnostic address is used.


Multi-link is a feature of the D-server that supports parallel communication with several ECUs via one physical interface link. It also allows the connection of more than one VCI.

Multiple ECU job

Multiple ECU job is a Java job that has access to several Diag-Layers at the same time.

Multiple ECU job spec

This is a category of ODX 2.0.1 and ODX 2.x.

Multiple responses

Multiple responses is a term of the UDS standard. The ECU sends more than one response to one request. See also single response and periodic responses.

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