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Parameter (PARAM)

The ODX element parameter describes a parameter of a diagnostic message such as a service parameter or a service identifier. The sub-elements of an ODX structure are also parameters.

Parameter identifier

Parameter identifiers are defined in the OBD standard ISO 15031-5. They are similar to the data identifiers of the UDS standard, but they are only one byte long. They identify a diagnostic datum or a diagnostic data record that is important for the diagnostics of the OBD system.


PCl is short for Protocol Control Information and is also called protocol information header.

Periodic data identifier (periodicDataIdentifier)

Periodic data identifiers identify a diagnostic datum or a diagnostic data set for periodic data transmitting. In contrast to data identifiers, they are only one byte long and match the low byte of a data identifier.

Periodic responses

The term periodic responses refers to the periodic transmission of single or multiple responses (groups of responses). See also single response and multiple responses.

Physical dimension (PHYSICAL-DIMENSION)

Physical dimension is an ODX element that describes a basic physical unit, either a single SI unit (e.g. m or s), or a derived unit that is a combination of SI units (e.g. m/s).

Physical interface link

A physical interface link is a unique name of a local interface link in the diagnostic system.

Physical link

The physical link is an entity that represents a physical connection between a tester and a single ECU, a group of ECUs or the entire vehicle. It is technically a combination of the physical interface link and the physical vehicle link.

Physical value

The physical value of a parameter is also referred to as the symbolic representation. See also coded value and computational method.

Physical vehicle link

The physical vehicle link is the physical communication channel in a vehicle or the physical connection to a single ECU or a group of ECUs.


Precision is the number of digits after the decimal point for a physical value of a floatingĀ­ point number.

Proprietary protocols

Proprietary protocols are diagnostic protocols that are developed by vehicle manufacturers or suppliers. Proprietary protocols are not internationally standardized.


The protocol-Layer is a Diag-Layer of an ODX database of the type protocol.


Python is a high-level, open-source programming language (see

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