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SCP is short for Standard Corporate Protocol, the name of the SAE J1850 VPW-based communication protocol by Ford.


In the context of programming an ECU, a section is a coherent addressing range of either an Intel-hex or a Motorola-S-record file. A section can match an ODX segment (have the same address boundaries), but it does not have to match.


SecurityAcessType is a sub-function of the diagnostic service request $27 (securityAccess). These are requestSeed, which is indicated by odd values, and sendKey, which is indicated by even values of the sub-function parameter.


The seed is an ECU response to the service request $27 (securityAccess). The tester uses the seed to calculate the key.


A segment is a fragment of the in-vehicle network. Segments are interconnected by gate­ways and can have identical or different physical layers and topologies.


A server is part of the ECU application that provides the diagnostic function. According to the client/server model, the server (ECU) provides services that are requested by the client (tester).


A session can be either a diagnostic session or an ODX session.

Session description

The session description for ECU programming contains the description of the logical soft­ware components (ODX session and data blocks) and of the programming processes (flash Java jobs).


SGML is short for Standard Generalized Markup Language and is specified in ISO 8879:1986. SGML is a markup language that serves the description of data, processes, and the processing of the data. The language mostly uses descriptions in ASCII code, and so provides high portability and long-term reliability.


A short-name is a unique name of an ODX object inside of a boundary. Every ODX element has to have a short-name. The allowed characters for short-names are [a-zA-Z0-9_]. A short­-name consists of at least one character and can have a maximum length of 128 characters.

Short-name reference (SHORT-NAME-REF)

ODX objects with a short-name can be referenced by some other ODX objects via the short­-name reference. In contrast to references via ODX-link, a short-name reference results in inconsistent databases if the short-name of a referenced object is changed.

Simple Data Object Property (Simple DOP)

Simple Data Object Property is an ODX element that describes basic data types for elements of the type parameter. Only the simple Data Object Properties contain a computational method.

Single ECU job

A single ECU job has access to the objects of exactly one Diag-Layer to model complex diagnostic processes.

Single response

A single response is a response that transports a data set matching a periodicDataIdentifier from the ECU to the tester. See also multiple responses and periodic responses.


A slave is the attendant of a communication in a master/slave relationship. The master requests a service that is provided by the slave.


A star is a network topology type. ECUs are physically and logically connected to each other with star couplers. There are star couplers for networks with physical layers based on either copper wires or optical fibers.


StorageState is a special function of the service $86 (ResponseOnEvent).

Sub-function byte

Sub-function byte is a data parameter that specifies a diagnostic service request in detail and contains the sub-function, the suppressPosRspMsgIndicationBit, and the StorageState.

Suppress positive response bit

Suppress positive response bit is short for suppressPosRspMsgIndicationBit. If this bit is TRUE (logical 1), the ECU will not send positive responses.


SWC is short for single-wire CAN. SWC was developed by General Motors. It is the implementation of the CAN communication protocol on a single-wire bus.

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