CAN dictionary

Explains vocabulary and abbreviations used in CAN technology

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galvanic isolation

Galvanic isolation in CAN networks is performed by optocouplers or trans­formers placed between CAN controller and CAN transceiver chip.


Device with at least two network inter­faces transforming all seven OSI (open system interconnection) protocol layers, e.g. CANopen-to-Ethernet gateway or CANopen-to-DeviceNet gateway.


See global fail-safe command.

global error

A global bus error affects all connected CAN devices.

global fail-safe command (GFC)

The global fail-safe command (GFC) is a high-priority CAN message defined in the CANopen safety protocol (see EN 50325-5). It may be used to switch the safety-related logical devices (SRLDs) into the safe state, which improves the overall system reaction time in case of an error. It shall be followed by the related SRDO.

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