Kvaser Leaf v2 Family Mounting Brackets

Kvaser Leaf v2 Family Mounting Brackets

Product code: 01166-3

Mount your Kvaser interface with these professional grade 3D printed brackets.


Kvaser Leaf v2 Family Mounting Brackets are lightweight and can be easily mounted with double-sided tape yet sturdy enough to be securely fastened with screws via the pre-drilled holes on either side of the bracket without adding unnecessary bulk to the device.

The material used to 3D print the brackets, PA 2200, a high-performance alternative to plastics like ABS, is a strong and chemical-resistant material that is highly resistant to the elements and UV degradation, making it perfect for your toughest applications.

Major Features
  • Distance between pre-drilled mounting screw ports: 51mm
  • Made of PA2200
  • Resistant to UV degradation¬†
  • Lightweight
Compatible Devices


Data sheet
Data sheet