X-Analyser 3 Professional

Product code: XA3-PE

Data acquisition and Analysis tool for CAN, CAN FD and LIN buses.


X-Analyser 3 Professional is a powerful network analysis tool now provides CAN, CAN FD and LIN all in one tool, along with the higher layer protocols SAE J1939 and CANopen. It can also be used for OBD scan tool functions over the CAN bus.

X-Analyser 3 Professional is particularly suitable for reverse engineering of the signals through the Interactive Signal Editor (ISE) that allows you to quickly configure the CAN and LIN messages.

Release 3.12 - new features and improvements

  • J1939 and NMEA2000 signals embedded into the CAN Message Builder so user can enter the signals values and not the CAN data field values (e.g. enter at engine speed 3000 RPM)
  • NMEA2000 fast packet protocol support
  • NMEA2000 PGN database embedded into X-Analyser
  • Improved CAN, CAN FD, LIN message logging and Real-Time Playback of data collections
  • LIN Description File support improvements
  • Signals and Message Builder improvements for enumerated signals values
  • Project file association with X-Analyser
  • xalog2 experimental log file format for large log files

See all specification and featuresxanalyser.co.uk/x-analyser-features

Free trial 14 days, please fill in the form to the following address: xanalyser.co.uk/download-x-analyser

Video collection. They are useful to see X-Analyser features: xanalyser.co.uk/video-collection

It works with Kvaser's CAN/LIN interfaces and Vector CAN interfaces


Major features

  • Multi-raw data trace display
  • CAN and LIN Engineering signals
  • Signals/CANdb editor
  • Multi-signal display
  • Multi-signal scope display
  • Multi gauges signal display
  • Stop/Pass filters
  • Support CANdb/LDF
  • Import ASC log files
  • CAN & J1939 Interactive generator
  • Scripting - only with compatible Kvaser device

See all specification and features: xanalyser.co.uk/x-analyser-features


Data sheet
Data sheet


Default layout with data

X-Analyser Default Layout.

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