Kvaser U100 Family Mounting Brackets

Kvaser U100 Family Mounting Brackets

Product code: 01323-0

Mount your Kvaser U100 interface with these professional grade 3D printed brackets.


The Kvaser U100 Family Mounting Bracket offer a new way to mount your Kvaser interface with professional grade 3D printed brackets. 

They are lightweight brackets that come in three parts that when fitted together around the Kvaser U100, allow it to be mounted to a hard surface, magnetically attached to almost any metal surface or attached to a DIN Rail.

The material used to 3D print the brackets, PA 2200, a high-performance alternative to plastics like ABS, is a strong and chemical-resistant material that is highly resistant to the elements and UV degradation, making it perfect for your toughest applications.

Major Features

  • Distance between pre-drilled mounting screw ports: 56mm
  • Made of PA2200
  • Resistant to UV degradation¬†
  • Lightweight
Compatible Devices