Data Description

ISO 22901-1 (ODX)

The standardized data format ODX (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange) was defined by the project team MCD-2 of the ASAM workgroup and published as ISO 22901. ODX uses an XML-based language. ODX provides a standardized data model in UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams to describe the diagnostic and programming data of ECUs and entire vehicles. A subset of the UML is used, especially the class diagrams that describe the dependencies of data objects. ODX provides XML Schema Definitions (XSD) to serve automatic data model consistency checks. These definitions determine how XML files have to be structured internally. It semi describes the syntax of the ODX data. The data model also provides information about the meaning (semantics) of the data objects.

The solutions proposed by the suppliers of Data Job for ISO 22901-1 (ODX):