Influx DiaLog Plus

Product code: INF1102

Data logger configuration tool with integrated data analysis.


DiaLog Plus is an advanced Rebel Data Logger configuration tool with all the features you require to setup the Rebel family of data loggers.
Acquire recorded data for analysis or export through the modern interface with built-in support for industry-standard files, integrated graphical data analysis and included batch processing for handling very large amounts of data files.
With well over 4000 registered users worldwide DiaLog is a popular tool within the industry.

DiaLog Plus supports applications with ASAM xCP/CCP, FlexRay and is required for connecting to "StreamLog" for remote fleet management. DiaLog Plus is inclusive of all features required for professional vehicle engineering including batch processing for handling large quantities of fleet data. Includes automatic and rapid data file merging and data conversion.

The basic "Configurator" version is supplied with the Influx Technology devices to configure a single CAN.


Intuitive editor allows you to configure the data logger easily

Functions at a glance

  • Build logger configurations
  • Connect the Rebel loggers via USB
  • Reconfigure Rebel loggers ready for data logging
  • Monitor live data whilst logging
  • Upload and analyse data recording files
  • In field firmware upgrades

On-Board Diagnostics

DiaLog has an integrated database that stores OBD data allowing you to configure the Rebel data logger to record powertrain data on almost any modern road vehicle.

OBD Data

  • Supports ISO14229, ISO14230, ISO15765
  • J1939 including DM1 meesages
  • OBD Diagnostic Fault Codes
  • Advanced UDS functions such as Fast Data Acquisitions

Data Analysis

DiaLog includes a professional data analysis package which allows you to analyse your data quickly.

Some Analysis Features

  • Twin X axis Cursors
  • User defined templates
  • Post calculated channels
  • Edit notes
  • Zooming in/out points of interest
  • Show sample points
  • Histograms
  • XY plotting
  • Statistical data

DiaLog includes a server batch processing tool that enables you to merge and convert several days of data recording files in a single process. Thus saving hours of work!

Technical data

Compatible with Industry Standards

Most industry standard file formats are supported. Recorded data can be exported to several formats, including batch file merging.

Supported data description file formats

  • ASAM A2L – direct memory read operations
  • Vector® CAN DBC and LIN LDF
  • ODX/MDX/GDX – diagnostic databases
  • Fibex format

Supported data analysis file formats

  • MDF (*.DAT)
  • Matlab™ MAT, MATStruct
  • Ncode®
  • National Instruments® TDM format
  • CSV for data analysis with Excel


Reference guide
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