Influx Module Analyser Plus

Product code: INF1302

Network Analyser and Diagnostics.


Software 5 in 1 easy to use with the following advantages:

  • CAN and LIN monitoring via DBC/LDF/Fibex files 
  • Automotive OBD ISO15765 Scan tool and UDS ISO14229
  • J1939
  • Integrated ODX/MDX editor
  • Data acquisition and logging

Why use Module Analyser?

Typically CAN network analysis tools require you to use a seperate application for automotive such as J1939, UDS diagnostics, module reprogramming and CAN monitoring functions. Module Analyser brings these features together in a single environment.



Module Analyser can build a framework ODX file in minutes for any UDS compliant production vehicle. It does this by scanning for valid responses. This unique functionality gives you access to the vehicle diagnostic data.

CAN BUS Monitoring

Module Analyser gives you the ability to capture, view and monitor CAN BUS and LIN BUS traffic. It can be used to monitor the CAN network bus integrity and for troubleshooting.


Module Analyser supports ISO15765-1, ISO 15765-2 and ISO14229 diagnostic protocols. It also supports ODX and MDX diagnostic databases.


Data Analysis is included in Module Analyser enabling you to monitor live data graphically. In record mode, data can be post analysed and exported to the format of your choice.

Module Reprogramming

Module Analyser Plus version allows for module reprogramming: Security mode access, Retrieve VID blocks, User defined routines include Seed & Key.

Technical data

Hardware Compatibility

The Module Analyser Plus version supports Pass Thru J2534 compatible devices.

Module Analyser is recommended with the following devices:

  • Influx Rebel LT or Rebel CT data loggers.
  • All Kvaser CAN or LIN hardware interface devices.
  • TotalPhase Komodo CAN Duo interface device.
  • Pass Thru J2534 compatible such as Drewtech™ Mongoose.
  • Some Softing™ Gmbh and Vector™ Gmbh devices are compatible.


Data sheet
Data sheet