Product code: ET001

OMNItracer is a real-time analyser for CAN, LIN and serial buses.


OMNItracer supports: CAN, CAN FD, LIN, Ethernet (UDP only).

OMNItracer is suitable for checking, editing and the simulation of a node (eg ECU) in a network. Allows in-depth data analysis and their graphical display (eg gauge), thanks to multiple workspaces (Trace, Send, Replay, etc.).

It is possibile to create filters, to manage scripts in C language, and to edit and use ".dbc" or ".ldf" files for the interpretation of the signals.

You can download the DEMO version that operates only on virtual bus (two virtual channels are added during the installation of the Kvaser Drivers).
To use OMNItracer on a real bus you must purchase a license (it is tied up to a Kvaser device); without the license it is not possible to use other network channels. OMNItracer is connected to the bus via Kvaser interfaces, single or multi-channel (Leaf, USBcan Pro, Memorator, etc.).

Download (demo version): OMNItracer


Workspaces in OMNItracer

Trace Window
: to monitor traffic on bus, for each channel.

Send Window: it allows to send messages on the bus.

Bus Statistic Window: to analyze the network status. It allows to check for each channel the bus-load, the node status (Active, Passive, Bus-Off), error frames counter and more.

Scope Window: to graphically observe the trend of a variable.

Replay Window: to simulate the operation of a network using a Log file.

Script file: to create signals that can be sent for test purposes and for the simulation of a node.

Database: editor for .dbc files.

Panel Window (optional with fee): it allows to create a graphical operator interface, in which the elements are linked to signals or to variables and used in the script.


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