Product code: DJ.IO

I/O programmable. It is a device designed to translate analog/digital signals into CAN messages and vice versa.


NFND (not for new design): November 2022

IOproCAN has 6 I/O lines (digital or analog) programmable individually via the CAN bus.

Due to its high configurability, IOproCAN can be used as an I/O remote module, in data-acquiring systems or to transmit analog/digital signals via CAN bus.

Major features

  • Digital Input: PNP or NPN
  • Digital Output: PNP or NPN - Max 1,2 A with protection from short circuit
  • Analog Input: 0-16 V res. 10 bit
  • Analog Output: 0-12 V res. 12 bit - Max 30 mA
  • Supports CAN v2.0B
  • Power supply: 6 to 32 V DC
  • D-sub 25 pin female connector
  • Cables not included


A simple software is provided to configure the IOproCAN (for MS Windows®).
A Kvaser interface is required for configuration.


Data sheet
Data sheet

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