Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2

Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2

Product code: 00819-9

Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 is a professional-level, dual channel CAN/CAN FD bus interface and standalone data logger.


Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 offers advanced features such as message filtering, triggers, error detection and generation, silent mode, an expandable SD card slot up to 64GB, and galvanic isolation.

Major features

  • Monitor two CAN channels simultaneously using just one device.
  • Log data to an expandable SD card slot.
  • Supports CAN FD up to 8Mbit/s (with proper physical layer implementation).
  • Script functionality allows users to develop customised t-script applications written in the Kvaser t programming language.
  • Power derived from the USB connection, CAN or an in-built power supply.
  • Supports silent mode for analysis tools – listens to the bus without interfering.
  • Detection and generation of error frames and remote frames.
  • LED lights alert user to device status, including signalling a full SD card or card error.
  • Galvanically isolated CAN bus drivers.
  • Automatically time synchronises the data transmitted and received across both buses.
  • Built-in Kvaser MagiSync™ technology time synchronises with other Kvaser interfaces connected to the same PC, resulting in simpler and more accurate multichannel data capture.
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40 to 85 °C.
  • Compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000® and DeviceNet.
  • Plug and play installation, and a comprehensive user guide to help make t script development quick and easy.
  • SD-card 16 GB included.

Other versions

  • Cod. 00869-4 ~ Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 CB (Circuit Board): no housing or cables.
Replacement: this interface replaces Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/HS (cod. 00351-4) and Kvaser Eagle (cod. 00567-9).


  • Kvaser Memorator Configuration Tool.
  • Kvaser TRX: a lightweight development environment.
  • Documentation, software and drivers can be downloaded for free at kvaser.com/downloads.
  • Kvaser CANLIB SDK is a free resource that includes everything you need to develop software for the Kvaser CAN interfaces. Includes full documentation and many program samples, written in C, C++, C#, Delphi, and Visual Basic.
  • All Kvaser CAN interface boards share a common software API. Programs written for one interface type will run without modifications on the other interface types!
  • Kvaser Canlib Android Library.
  • J2534 Application Programming Interface available.
  • RP1210A Application Programming Interface available.



Software bundle


Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide

The Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide helps you get up and running on Kvaser's series of CAN dataloggers.

Memorator Professional Advanced Setup

The Memorator Professional Advanced Setup video covers advanced configuration features on Kvaser's series of CAN dataloggers.

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