Softing TestCUBE2

Softing TestCUBE2

Codice prodotto: TestCUBE2-BU

Configurable simulation of ECU diagnostics.


TestCUBE2 is a configurable hardware and software solution for simulating ECU diagnostics with real bus communication. With just one device, you can simulate several ECUs or even an entire vehicle at the same time.

Availability of ECUs

Creating test sequences is often challenging along the entire process chain: The ECU required as a test counterpart is missing. This begins with the engineering tester and continues through production systems right through to after-sales service. For example, software updates at regular intervals ensure that the repair shop testers used are assigned all the latest functions. A suitable counterpart, with which the tester communicates, is required in order to execute automated regression "tester tests". The ECUs required must be available in entirety and in all variants to be able to ensure sufficient test coverage. As this is usually impossible, a simulation is the required solution.

Regression Test – Without Changing ECUs

Whereas previously the different ECUs had to be toggled in a time-consuming manual procedure or with complex electronics, now all you have to do is reshuffle the simulation files. You can take care of this manually using the intuitively operable graphic user interface or in test automation with the DLL interface.

Test Quality

With TestCUBE2 you can be sure of a reliable communication partner. You have a whole range of possible configurations for your test preparation – both in terms of communication parameters (address, timings) and in terms of diagnostic services (ECU responses and chains of reaction). This allows you to simulate all kinds of best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Residual bus simulation

After the automatic import of a CANdb file and editing at symbolic level, residual bus simulation is quick to set up.

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage: 8 to 28V
  • 2 CAN ports (high-speed, low-speed, single-wire)
  • 2 K-line ports 
  • 3 analog inputs / 3 digital in-/outputs
  • signals via banana jacks and 26-pin MDR-jack
  • PC interfaces: USB 2.0; Ethernet
  • Protocols: ISO15765; VW TP 2.0; SAE J1939; others on request


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