Softing TDX - Universal garage tool

Codice prodotto: STDXL-STUDIO

The Flexible Solution for Diagnostics and Flash Programming in the Repair Shop and in Road Tests.


Softing TDX is the universal repair shop tool intended to be used by vehicle and component manufacturers. It supports all necessary diagnostic functions in troubleshooting, repair and in the setup of entire vehicles or individual components.

Two tools one goal: the simple definition of fast repair tips

Softing TDX consists of two tools. Softing is the authoring system with which diagnostic trees, sequences and the representation are generated. The input of communication data also takes place using Softing There are templates and wizards to ensure that standard tasks can be carried out in next to no time. The diagnoses created can then be compiled to form a distribution – either as a whole or in parts. This is made available to service technicians and/or test engineers online or on data carriers.

Softing TDX.workshop is designed for use in the field. It is used as a sequence environment for the diagnostic sequences created beforehand with Softing These can be updated and/or modified at any time later on with the update mechanism. Diagnostic results can be saved as a report – all activities thus always remain transparent. Furthermore, all data is available for additional analyses.

Supporting standards safeguards investments

For diagnostic sequences, Softing TDX is based on the OTX standard, for ECU communication and data interpretation on the ODX standard. OTX and ODX data already used in the company can thus be reused or can continue to be used with Softing TDX.

Completely adaptable

The Softing TDX user interface does not depend on the diagnostic methodology used: Regardless of whether traditional ECU-based diagnostics are used, whether work is based on symptoms or AI is the measure of all things, TDX presents no obstacles. The sequences are generated in the authoring system and linked to appropriate displays and repair aids (instructions, circuit diagrams, PDF files, images, videos). The user interface can be adapted to suit the particular corporate design and individual area of application.

With integrated security

There is an incredible amount of expertise and potential to be protected in service applications. Softing TDX helps you protect your service application from being illegally copied. The user management facility (in development) means you always have an overview of all licensed and authenticated users. Furthermore, data can be encrypted securely and reliably.

Technical data

Diagnostic functions

  • Identification
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Fault memory operations
  • Measure values
  • Flash programming
  • Variant coding
  • Guided functions, guided fault diagnosis

Standard compliance

  • ISO 13209 (OTX) – Open Test Sequence Exchange,
  • ISO 22901-1/ASAM MCD-2D, ODX V2.2.0 – Open Diagnostic Data Exchange,
  • ISO 22900-3/ASAM MCD-3D Application Programming Interface V3.0.0,
  • ISO 22900-2 (D-PDU API) via CAN, K-line and Ethernet (DoIP Collection/Entity/Group/Vehicle), ISO 14229 (UDS)

Delivery scope

  • Softing and Softing TDX-workshop on CD
  • Softing contains, among other things, GUI-, OTX- and ODX-Editor
  • Softing TDX.workshop contains, among other things, the D-Server DTS COS and OTX-Runtime


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