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Codice prodotto: DTS9-VENICE-EDITOR

DTS 9 Venice - Authoring system for ODX 2.2 and 2.0.1 for diagnostic experts and developers of vehicle ECUs.


Softing DTS.venice enables the convenient creation, testing, management and maintenance of diagnostic specifications over the entire process chain for OEMs as well as system and ECU suppliers.

Simple Creation of ODX Databases

Softing DTS.venice is part of the Diagnostic Tool Set product family and is based on the DTS Base System. Venice stands for Vehicle Communication Database Editor. New databases can be created both on the basis of existing ODX/PDX files and on the basis of protocol templates. In the scope of delivery is a sample database containing three ECU including detailed documentation and a tutorial.

Convenient Editing of ODX Data

A start page enables simple and fast access to the functions required most frequently. The entire ODX data model can be processed in the editor’s Expert view. The ECU view enables a simplified view of the most important data of an individual ECU as well as of its variants. Diagnostic description inheritance is visualized graphically. Integrated assistants support data input. It is possible both to work with ECU shared data and to process several databases simultaneously. For documentation purposes, the diagnostic specifications created can be output as RTF files. In Demonstration mode, ODX databases can be viewed without a license.

Top Data Quality from the Outset

The ODX databases of modern vehicles are highly complex and become even more so during their lifetime due to additional variants, maintenance measures and function extensions. DTS Venice ensures the consistency and completeness of the database at all times. Formal checks ensure the basic compliance with the ODX standard and optionally with the ASAM ODX Recommended Style. Extensions by user-specific authoring guidelines are possible.



  • Efficient creation of the diagnostic specification thanks to assistant support
  • Greater data quality thanks to testing of both syntax and semantics
  • Data consistency over the entire process chain thanks to standard tool with central database (single source)
  • Considerable cost saving thanks to the possibility of importing existing data descriptions and early error detection
  • Shorter approval process as suppliers can test conformity with the OEM regulations themselves

Technical data

Standard conformity/import formats

  • ODX V2.2.0 and 2.0.1 (ISO 22901-1/ASAM MCD-2D)

Authoring Guidelines/ODX Checker

  • Basic rules (Softing)
  • ASAM ODX Recommended Style
  • extensible by user-specific rules

Output or export formats

  • ODX V2.2.0 and 2.0.1
  • PDX (packed ODX)
  • DTS runtime data formats SOD, SRD and optionally SMR
  • RTF (for the documentation of the diagnostic specification)


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